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Experiential Learning

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies encourages students to enhance the interdisciplinary skills and inclusive mindsets they are learning in the classroom with hands-on, real-world experiences at CCU, in the local community, and beyond.

  • Want to gain experience negotiating cultural differences and understanding the world from a different perspective? Try studying abroad in one of CCU’s short-term faculty-led programs!

  • Want to gain professional-level experience in authoring, designing and producing innovative stories about our region? Get involved with the Athenaeum Press!
  • Want to gain experience in creative problem-solving by working with clients on business-consulting projects? Apply to the CoBE Institute

  • Want to gain experience working with local agencies to research and implement community health programs? Apply to the Swain Scholars Program!
  • Want to put your interdisciplinary skills to work (for course credit)? Apply for an internship!