Music Technology Courses

The Master of Arts in Music Technology is an exciting program designed to develop the technological, professional, commercial and media skills of the music and audio professional in our competitive marketplace. This 30-credit degree is broken into three blocks (recording, media, and entrepreneurial/practical skills) which diversify the music professional’s skill set and increase marketability. Program coursework is focused on developing applied media skill sets to be effective in the marketplace. This culminates with a capstone project which will develop the student’s professional portfolio.

Recording Block (9 credits)

Media Block (9 credits)

Take 9 credits from the following courses

Entrepreneurial and Practical Skills (7 credits)

Take 7 credits from the following courses

Music Technology Fieldwork (2 credits)

Take 2 credits from the following courses. Courses can be repeated.

Final Project (3 credits)

Total Graduate Credits Required: 30