Stephanie Boglioli - Coastal Carolina University
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Stephanie Boglioli Q&A 

Where are you from? Chicago

What was your major? Accounting

Why did you choose Coastal? I was actually unsure of where to go to college and left the decision up to chance. I decided the school to send me the first acceptance letter is where I would go, and I’m so happy CCU was the first school!

What was your favorite memory of Coastal and why? I really enjoyed the orientation. It feels like a lifetime ago, but I was so excited about the new beginning, and I enjoyed touring the campus. I am actually still friends with my roommate from orientation week!

What was your favorite spot on campus and why? I loved Prince Lawn for just hanging out but also for all the different events that went on. I loved walking around during CINO day, or just sitting on one of the benches talking to friends.

Who was/were your favorite professor(s) and why? Dr. Gregory Kripple and Dr. Kay Keels were my favorites! Dr. Kripple had the best techniques for making accounting courses fun and interesting. Also, I still use the things he taught us in Excel on a daily basis. Dr. Keels made MGMT 478 bearable. I learned so much from her regarding working in teams and getting through large assignments in a short amount of time. Her class was tough, but I walked away from the experience with both technical and soft skills.

How did Coastal prepare you for your current career? I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Wall Fellows program, and that experience equipped me with the skills needed to understand different work styles and personalities. My job requires me to work with people from many different countries, so understanding those differences plays a big role in my daily success.

What is your current career? Transfer Pricing Manager at EY

Fun fact about yourself: My husband and I are working on visiting as many national parks as we can! We have spent a great deal of time traveling out West, and it has become a fun hobby planning our next adventure.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? It’s so hard to think that far ahead, but most of all I hope my family and I are still enjoying new and exciting adventures! As for my career, I am sure I’ll still be in transfer pricing and maybe still at EY, but I hope I am able to travel as much as I do for work and continue learning every day.