Technology Governance at CCU

The Office of Information Technology Service's (ITS) mission is to provide emerging, reliable, and cost-effective technology resources and services to enhance student learning, improve teaching, and augment research and administrative functions at CCU. Influential and forward-thinking information technology (IT) governance is essential to the success of ITS and CCU. Additionally, IT governance aims to involve faculty, staff, students, and the IT community in the strategic planning and oversight of information technology decisions impacting CCU. This shared oversight ensures the compatibility of technology resources with existing and planned infrastructure, optimal deployment and integration of technology solutions, negotiation for advantages, and the safety and security of information.

The Executive Council currently serves as the primary IT governance unit at CCU. There are additional feedback and collaborative opportunities available to the CCU community as well.

Recommendations of strategic importance may be channeled appropriately through the Executive Council and Standing Committees. Standing Committees include a Technology Committee to address the needs specific to each of the six academic colleges, an Online Teaching, Learning and Scholarship Committee Committee, a Web Governance Committee, and the Systems Services (SS) Team group. Additional standing committees such as an Information Security Committee, Network Infrastructure Advisory Committee, and Computer and Technology User Committee, may be formed as necessary.

Collaborative Opportunities Available to the CCU Community

ITS regularly seeks the CCU community's input and provides feedback and collaboration opportunities with students, university departments, leaders, and academic units. A few of these opportunities below provide a channel for the CCU community to submit feedback, evaluate IT services, or participate in regular collaborations with a focus on improving and enhancing IT services and systems to support the CCU mission and vision.

  • ITS collects feedback through ITS Satisfaction Surveys
  • ITS collects service feedback at the close of each online service request
  • ITS creates or participates in additional committees to enhance services, systems, and/or processes and provide a collaborative approach to support CCU objectives

To request to meet with resources within ITS, please contact Jenifer Riddei, administration and resource manager for ITS at listing the goal(s) and objective(s) you hope to accomplish and how often you would like to meet with ITS for your academic program or department.