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Business Culture in Spain

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This faculty-led program provides undergraduate students an opportunity to experience Spanish cultural and business environments while exploring two beautiful historic European cities, Madrid and Barcelona. During spring break, students will learn about Spanish culture, business practices, regulatory environment, and educational system, while receiving a first-hand peek at how businesses adapt to different socio-economic environments. Students will also have the opportunity to work in cross-cultural environments while interacting directly with individuals from one of many Coastal Carolina University partner institutions. In additions to visiting with real businesses, students will take in sights like the magnificent Royal Palace and Prado Museum in Madrid, and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Physical requirements: considerable amount of walking will be required each day of the program that involves an excursion or outing, so students are expected to wear suitable footwear. Most cities and cultural heritage sites in Spain are not ADA compliant, so there are few elevators, and many historic sites have steep stairways and narrow doorways.

Other requirements: When visiting businesses, students will be required to wear business professional attire. The program includes visits to religious sites, and modest clothing is expected of all students to include covered shoulders and midriff, hemlines not higher than mid-thigh, etc.

Course Information

CBAD 499 - Selected Topics in Business
Course Instructor: Jacob Voegel
Credits offered: 0-3 credits
Prerequisite: None 

This course will focus on the business environment of Spain, and how that environment may lead to important differences in business practices relative to U.S.-based organizations.  Special attention will be paid to comparing and contrasting Spain's political, legal, and cultural contexts with those of the U.S.

CBAD120Q – Introduction to the Global Culture of Business
Course Instructor: Kay Keene
Credits offered: Part of a 3-credit course offered in spring semester
Prerequisite: None

This course provides a foundation of basic business concepts in the context of current issues and trends in a global organizational setting.  All content areas of the College of Business are described with an emphasis on the impacts of cultural differences on finance, accounting, management, and marketing practices.  Differences in cultural norms and values are considered along with basic global social and economic institutions and the global economic and legal systems in which businesses operate.  This course emphasizes thinking critically about ethics and sustainability as applied to global problems and communicating about these issues both in written and oral formats.

Program Leaders 

Jacob Voegel, Assistant Professor, 843-349-6401

Dr. Voegel is an assistant professor of management and decision sciences in the Wall College of Business.  He earned his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University and specializes in entrepreneurship and ethics.  Dr. Voegel believes traveling is invaluable. "Experiencing cultures around the world is eye-opening and leads to a greater appreciation of our diversities."  As a faculty member, Dr. Voegel has participated in a study abroad to Europe.  He spent a summer in China pursuing an international business degree. His other travels include Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Faculty_KayKeeneKay Keene, Lecturer, 843-349-2265

Kay Keene is a lecturer of management and decision sciences in the Wall College of Business.  She earned a B.S. in management from Florida State University and completed her MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurial management. She has led study abroad programs in the past. She has traveled to China, Canada, Europe (including Spain) and the Caribbean, and is comfortable utilizing the public transportation.  She believes experience is a great teacher and travel abroad enhances students' understanding of people.  


Cost to Participate = Program Fee ($3,026) + Tuition (Included As Part of Regular Spring Tuition) + Estimated Out-of-pocket Expenses ($560)


Included in Program Fee: Roundtrip airfare from U.S. to Spain; accommodations while in country; most meals; local transportation; planned excursions; and emergency medical insurance.


Not Included in Program Fee: Estimated out-of-pocket expenses: $165 for meals, $145 for passport cost; $50 for optional excursions and $200 for COVID-19 testing (as required for entry/reentry).

Payment Schedule

Payment Due Date Amount Due
Deposit Oct. 27, 2021 $300 (refundable until commitment deadline Dec. 4, 2021)
Tuition and Technology Fee Jan. 1, 2022 Paid as part of regular Spring Tuition bill
Program Fee Payment Feb. 11, 2022 $2,726

After acceptance to the program, the payment of the program fee as well as payment of tuition can be made online through WebAdvisor or in-person/by phone through Student Accounts. Tuition charges are distinct and different from program fee charges. Please note that payments made with a debit or credit card will be charged a non-refundable service fee of 2.7 percent. For more information about methods of payment, visit Student Accounts.

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