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Zoom is a collaborative web-conferencing tool that is easily adaptable for online learning and working environments. 

Zoom's cloud-based capabilities combine audio and video conferencing, online meetings, group messaging, chat, calendar integration, and more. Zoom also has mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

Zoom hosts should consistently and carefully review and set up security settings to enable successful public or private meetings that are secure (access also: Zoom Training Resources). With Zoom Pro, you can host meetings with up to 300 participants. 

CCU Zoom Pro accounts are available for students, faculty, and staff through a university site license. 

If you have a non-CCU Zoom account and have attended a Zoom meeting previously, you must first sign out of the non-CCU Zoom account at https://zoom.us and from the Zoom app if it has been installed on your computer.

To access your CCU Zoom Pro account visit https://ccuchants.zoom.us/ and sign in using your CCU credentials. Student Zoom accounts will only have the ability to record to a local device (e.g., a computer's hard drive). Faculty and staff have the ability to keep recordings of meetings in Zoom for up to 120 days.*

With Zoom Pro, you can host meetings with up to 300 participants. If you need to host a meeting with more than 300 participants, learn more about requesting access to host large meetings or webinars »

Need Zoom training?

Access Zoom Resources »

Zoom Recordings

Zoom Cloud recordings are subject to auto-deletion after 120 days from the date they were recorded. This affects both previous and future cloud recordings. After the 120-day auto-deletion period, users have 30 days to restore, and download, any recording that was deleted. We advise faculty and staff to download any meeting recordings that are older than 120 days and transfer them to an alternate storage space such as Microsoft Stream, OneDrive, or a local hard drive. You must download and save recordings at the point of recovery, as all recordings will be automatically deleted the day after they are recovered. If you do not recover and download your meetings prior to the end of the 30-day recovery window, the recordings will be permanently deleted, and not recoverable, from your Zoom account. More information on how to recover deleted cloud recordings can be found here.

Already have a Zoom account?

If you already have a personal Zoom account associated with your CCU email address, you will be prompted to switch to the CCU Zoom account. Learn how to convert your personal account »