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Zoom Meeting Resources

How to Sign in to CCU Zoom Pro

CCU students, faculty and staff can host online meetings through their current Zoom Pro account for up to 300 participants.

  • When using the Zoom app on your desktop or mobile device, click Sign in with SSO and then use ccuchants for the company domain, and sign in with your CCU account.
  • When accessing CCU Zoom on the web (e.g. to generate meeting reports, etc), log in to https://ccuchants.zoom.us/ and click Sign In.
  • When accessing Zoom through https://zoom.us, click Sign in with SSO and then use ccuchants for the company domain, and sign in with your CCU account.

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Zoom Learning Center

Zoom provides users with the Zoom Learning Center, a free online platform to educate customers on how to use Zoom’s products. With engaging content for new and experienced Zoom users and both live and on-demand courses as short as five minutes, there is truly something for everyone. We recommend that you sign in to the Learning Center with your Zoom account and start taking courses so that you can work and collaborate more effectively on Zoom.

Additional Zoom Tutorials and More

Cloud Recording Resources

For faculty and staff, all Zoom Cloud recordings are subject to auto-deletion after 120 days from the date they were recorded. After the 120-day auto-deletion period, faculty and staff have 30 days to restore, and download, any recording that was deleted. We advise faculty and staff to download any meeting recordings that are older than 120 days and transfer them to an alternate storage space such as Microsoft Stream, OneDrive, or a local hard drive. You must download and save recordings at the point of recovery, as all recordings will be automatically deleted the day after they are recovered. If you do not recover and download your meetings prior to the end of the 30-day recovery window, the recordings will be permanently deleted, and not recoverable, from your Zoom account.