Teal Tuesday - Coastal Carolina University
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Teal Tuesday

We are serious about our teal here at Coastal Carolina University - our mascot is teal, the on-campus fire hydrants are teal, and even our football field turf is teal.  In case you weren't aware, Coastal's colors are teal and bronze to represent the sea and the sand. One of our favorite ways to show school spirit at CCU is by participating in Teal Tuesday.

Created in 2012 by Mary Ewen, the president of a student organization focused on school pride, Teal Tuesday became an established tradition that lives on to this day. 

EVERY TUESDAY we wear Teal. In fact, many times you will catch the Teal and Bronze Society handing out Teal Tuesday shirts or other Coastal gear if they catch you wearing our favorite color.

How can you collect these items? Follow the Office of Student Life on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. They will post 30 minutes prior to let you know where the Teal Traditions Team will be. Show up in your teal gear (hats, shirts, shorts, pants, etc.) and get your prize.

What is the Teal and Bronze Society

In the fall of 2019, the team of students who would eventually become the Teal and Bronze Society (TBS), was formed.  TBS loves CCU and spreading teal spirit. This group of students specializes in school spirit and teaching others about our beloved Coastal traditions. They assist with events like Teal Tuesday, Homecoming, and other campus events that spread community and pride.

Occasionally, the Teal and Bronze Society even has a special edition shirt that is available in limited quantities and for a short time only.  Keep watching our social media for more information!

If you are interested in joining the Teal and Bronze Society, email Amanda Oliver