Highlights - Coastal Carolina University
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Highlights of the Program

  1. The program is only available to incoming freshmen, and students should apply by the end of their first semester at CCU.
  2. Students must fill out an application to show their interest in the program and meet with the program coordinator to review the degree requirements and expectations of the program.
    1. Students will have a personalized degree plan that matches their degree and career goals.
    2. Once the student meets with the program coordinator and submits the application, they will be accepted into the program
  3. Students in the program will be paired with a faculty member within their major to act as a “Mentor” in their chosen career field after the student's third semester in the program (halfway through their undergraduate degree).
    1. This mentor will guide the student with career-related conversations.
  4. If a student's GPA falls below a 2.0 GPA any time after their first full year of the program, they will be removed from the Degree in Three program.