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Colonel Charles Thrash Learning Center

The Colonel Charles Thrash Learning Center, located on the practice range at the General James Hackler Golf Course, is used to train our students to reach their golfing potential. The center is equipped with industry-leading golf-training aids and technology to help build our students' into successful players and golf instructors.

The two biggest components leading to the success of our players in the learning center is the use of our V1 Digital Coaching System and our Flightscope machine. We use the V1 digital coaching system to analyze each golf swing to aid in producing more powerful and consistent golf shots. Flightscope is useful in a number of ways, including helping us clubfit each player for the combination of which shaft and clubhead best suits their game, helps identify fallacies in golf swings we cannot see and helps us train our students to be elite instructors when they graduate from our program.

The center has been a wonderful addition to our program because it has helped our students gain more knowledge about golf and a sharper skill set.