Community and Campus Safety - Coastal Carolina University
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  • Emergency Number: 911 
  • Coastal Carolina University Department of Public Safety non-emergency: 843-349-2177 
  • Conway Police Department non-emergency: 843-248-1790 
  • Horry County Police Department non-emergency: 843-915-5350 
  • Horry County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency: 843-915-5450 
  • Chant Safe

Off-Campus Safety

  • Develop a “buddy” system with neighbors and friends. Be alert for any suspicious activity at your property or in your neighborhood.
  • Always lock your door. Never hide a key under the doormat or any other easily accessible places at your off-campus resident.
  • Ask for proper ID from maintenance people, landlords or strangers. Don’t be afraid to ask - legitimate staff carry them!
  • Don’t let strangers into the building or allow them to follow you in.
  • Avoid walking alone at night, but if you must, stay in well-lighted , open areas.
  • Report all strangers seen wandering or loitering outside of your property to the police.