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2017 Honors Convocation

Departmental Awards

Departmental Awards recognize outstanding academic accomplishments by students as well as contributions to the academic quality of the department. Candidates are nominated and selected by the college faculty. Select a student's name from the list below to learn more about their accomplishments. An asterisk indicates a student in the University Honors Program.

Undergraduate Programs

Accounting John Patterson
Art Studio Haley Smith
Biochemistry Breana Wilson *
Biology Christopher Logan Pierpont*
Chemistry Nehemian Stafford
Communication Carlianne Lindsey Hanks
Computer Science Stephen Penton
Dramatic Arts Megan Seier *
Early Childhood Education Hannah Eells
Economics Heather Williams *
Elementary Education Nelda Glaze *
English Ashley Canter *
Exercise and Sport Science Emma Kroger
Finance Marissa Green *
Graphic Design Theresa Calabrese
Health Administration Pamela Thompson
History Michael Jones
Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management Xueling Lin
Information Systems Max Williams
Information Technology Ketron Belin
Intelligence and National Security Studies Benjamin Malone
Interdisciplinary Studies Anna Borinski
Management Geoffrey Guyette
Marine Science Brooke Anderson *
Marketing Tracey Geary
Mathematics Rachel Wayner

Middle Level Education Francesca Donio
Music Whitney Daniels *
Philosophy Kaitlyn Powalie
Physical Education Robbi Winfield
Physics Shawn Scialabba
Political Science Rachael Houston *
Psychology Olivia Campbell *
Public Health Kerry Dittmeier *
Recreation and Sport Management Miranda Gatto
Sociology Avery Noel
Special Education Jessica Partin
Theatre Arts Emily Peiffer

Graduate Programs

Master of Accountancy Alexander Khokhlov
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Michael Mistler
Master of Arts in Teaching–Science Delanie Sage
Master of Arts in Writing Chelsea Thomas
Master of Business Administration Kyla van Graan
Master of Education–Educational Leadership Nathaniel Marshall
Master of Education–Instructional Technology Emily Fay-Kentrolius
Master of Education–Learning and Teaching NyRhonda Nixon
Master of Science in Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies Kristen Trevey

Recognitions and Awards

In addition to the departmental awards, others recognized at the Honors Convocation include the following:

  • University Honors Program graduates

    The primary mission of the Honors Program at Coastal Carolina University is to encourage and assist honors students in developing reasoning, intellectual, leadership, decision-making, organizational and social skills through high-quality, challenging classroom instruction and participation in community service projects.

    Kathryn Albers
    Brooke Anderson
    Cailin Aucoin
    Kaitlyn Benson
    Olivia Campbell
    Olivia Cannon
    Ashley Canter
    Francesca Caravella
    Samyra Casterlow
    Allyson Clark
    Jesse Clark
    Marinda Cornett
    Madison Crockett
    Madison Dahle
    Whitney Daniels
    Cassandra Davin
    Erika DeSalvio
    Kerry Dittmeier
    Rachel Drummond
    Christopher Durand
    Georgia Ford
    Kara Funk
    Nelda Glaze
    Caitlyn Goodwin
    Marissa Green
      Victoria Green
    Morgan Hammer
    Rachael Houston
    Leandra Hurlbert
    George Hyde
    Ashlyn Inman
    Kelly Kapur
    Tyler Keane
    Thomas Kilbride
    Dillon King
    Bailey Kirkland
    David Klett
    Emily Klouda
    Madeleine Lee
    Lauren Lettiere
    Tyler MacDonald
    Kaileigh McCabe
    Jacqueline McMillen
    Eric Miller
    Kailey Mixer
    Kristin Mormelo
    Michael Muir
    Autumn Mulcahy
    Malarie O’Brien
    Ethan Olkovikas
      Emily Otstott
    Sirena Paiva
    Avery Petschke
    Christopher Pierpont
    Lisa Pieterse
    Daniel Pippert
    Amy Powers
    Ashley Pribble
    Caitlin Reveal
    Dymara Saenz
    Keelin Sanz
    Megan Seier
    Emily Shirley
    Jonah Skiles
    Elizabeth Slusher
    Alison Soles
    Heidi Stephens
    Linsey Strunga
    Benjamin Taylor
    William Taylor
    Katherine Vanderpool
    Courtney Weeks
    Ashley Whitehead
    Heather Williams
    Breana Wilson


  • Dyer Fellows

    The focus of the Dyer Institute for Leadership and Public Policy is to engage students in active learning opportunities where they may gain knowledge in various areas of policy research. The goal is to provide students with experience that will connect academic theory to practice as well as foster the importance of civic-minded citizens.

    Bethany Bebik
    Celeste Benson
    Maggie Carr
    Rachael Houston
    Maria Karahalios
    Ariel Lasher

  • Jackson Scholars

    Students are chosen every other year for Coastal Carolina University’s two-year Jackson Scholars program, established in 2004 to cultivate and promote awareness in students of the importance of personal and professional integrity.

    Albert Chestnut
    Kira Elton
    Austin Nichols
    Kaitlyn Powalie

  • Swain Scholars

    Established through the generous donation of Kenneth Swain of Myrtle Beach, the scholarship and credit-bearing Swain Scholars program develops students in community health outreach through coursework, training and internships.

    Kerry Dittmeier *
    Emma Kroger
    Nancy Phillips

  • Wall Fellows

    Founded in 1995, the University's Wall Fellows program is a unique organization designed to prepare top business, science and humanities students for high-level careers in major U.S. and international corporations and organizations.

    Olivia Carlton
    Geoffrey Guyette
    Lainey Lewis
    Beatris Petelkova
    Jonah Skiles *

Special Awards

  • Distinguished Student Award

    The Distinguished Student Award recognizes outstanding academic achievements by a senior student. Selected by a faculty committee with representatives from each college of the University, candidates have attained the endorsement of a faculty adviser and a record of academic honors throughout their enrollment at the University.

    ‌Kerry Dittmeier

    Kerry Dittmeier, 2017 Distinguished Student

    Kerry Dittmeier, a public health major, has received numerous awards for her scholastic achievements, including the University Scholar Award, the President's Scholar Award and the Honors Excellence Award. She holds membership in the honor societies Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Gamma, and the National Society for Leadership and Success. Dittmeier is a Swain Scholar and has presented her research at multiple conferences throughout her college career. She is also in the University Honors Program. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in public health with a concentration in global health.

  • Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award

    The Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award recognizes excellence in teaching. A student committee chaired by the vice president of the Student Government Association and composed of two representatives from each of the colleges solicits nominations from students. The eight leading candidates receive classroom visitations from at least two members of the committee. The final four candidates are interviewed by the entire committee.

    Wes Fondren

    Wes Fondren‌Wes Fondren is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Communication, Languages and Culture. The Distinguished Teacher of the Year is an honor bestowed by students on a "caring and dynamic faculty member who is always available to help students learn." Fondren received a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Alabama, a Master of Divinity from Samford University and a Ph.D. in communication and information science from the University of Alabama. He joined the CCU faculty in 2009 as an assistant professor of communication.

  • Distinguished Collegiate Adviser of the Year

    The Distinguished Collegiate Adviser of the Year award recognizes excellence in advising. A student committee chaired by the vice president of policy of the Student Government Association and composed of two representatives from each of the colleges solicits nominations from students. The leading candidates submit resumes and letters of recommendation, and the awardees are selected by the committee.

    Frankie Weeks

    Frankie Weeks(760)Frankie Weeks has been a member of the CCU faculty since 2007 and has worked in various offices across campus. She has served as academic adviser for the Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts. Some of her duties include planning and coordinating adviser training sessions, developing and implementing initiatives to improve student academic success, and assessing collegewide efforts in advising and retention. She earned a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's degree in writing, both from Coastal Carolina University.