Intelligence and National Security Studies B.A. - Coastal Carolina University
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Intelligence and National Security Studies

Intelligence and National Security Studies is a multi-disciplinary program designed to prepare you for positions in security-related career fields that involve analysis, research, evaluation and planning of intelligence and policy matters. The program emphasizes a strong liberal arts perspective to develop abilities in critical thinking, problem solving, communication and cross-cultural understanding.

What You'll Study

  • As the only Intelligence and National Security Studies undergraduate program in the southeastern United States, you'll gain access to a high-quality faculty with substantial practical experience in the United States intelligence community.
  • Minors that complement the field of study in such areas as Global Studies, Political Science, and Pre-law.

Sample Four Year Plan

Experiences Beyond the Classroom 

Whether it's taking part in the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief or our Semester in DC, you'll have plenty of opportunities to apply and gain internships so you are well-prepared for a career in Intelligence or National Security upon graduation.

The new security environment, as well as the expansion of intelligence applications in new areas like law enforcement and business, has expanded the number of opportunities for this field of study. Potential career fields include: intelligence analysis, counterterrorism, law enforcement, counterintelligence, Homeland Security, corporate security, imagery and geospatial analysis.