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Pop-Up Thrift Shop


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The Pop-Up Thrift Shop brings together the three legs of the sustainability stool – environment, social, and economic. Not only do we save items from the landfill, but we sell them back to the campus community inexpensively and help students earn scholarships at CCU.

The Pop-Up Thrift Shop is completely supplied through donations from the campus community, specifically from Campus Salvage at the end of the year and during ongoing monthly donations.  Each item for sale at the Thrift Shop costs $1, and is gender- and size-inclusive. At this time only card payments are accepted.

All money raised from the thrift shop goes to support the CCU Endowed Sustainability Scholarship Fund.

Additionally, any student in need of clothing items can also access the Thrift Shop confidentially and at no cost to them. Those that are in need of clothing items, such as coat, jacket, etc. may send a request through Student Affairs and/or the Dean of Students.               


We are always accepting donations for the Pop-Up Thrift Shop. If you have items you're interested in donating, please contact sustain@coastal.edu or (843) 349-2763 to coordinate drop-off or pick-up. 



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