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The CoBE Institute application cycle opens once in the fall and once in the spring. 

Students selected as CoBE (KOH-bee) Associates will receive the opportunity to gain unique and invaluable work experience working in real-life business projects, commonly referred to as consulting practicum experience. Associates work on a diverse range of business projects in teams with fellow associates and faculty advisers. Associates receive experience and training in communications, project development, critical thinking, proposal writing, problem-solving, and discipline-specific skills while researching and working one-on-one with advisers, mentors, and experts.

New CoBE Associates will be devoted to skill development, research, and support, while more experienced and tenured CoBE Associates will transition into leadership roles, leading and mentoring student teams and acting as the liaison between teams and clients. At every stage, students will have the guidance and mentorship of faculty and the CoBE director.

CoBE Associates are paid employees of Coastal Carolina University and should expect to work up to 20 hours per week. Students will also have the opportunity to take business courses for regular and honors credit toward their degrees as part of the program.

CoBE Associates are selected each academic semester, or as posted. Only high-achieving candidates who have proven their ability to balance academic studies, work, and extracurricular activities will be considered. Applications are welcome from all levels of undergraduate students, though the program seeks and prioritizes freshman and first-year students.


  • Application
  • Updated resume
  • Cover letter
  • At least one letter of recommendation

For more information, contact the CoBE Institute at 843-349-6912 or at