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Step 2: Search Programs


After attending Abroad 101, students are ready to use online resources and make their list of possible programs.

To begin, students need to understand the differences between the four types available at CCU. Each type has its own requirements, provides unique learning opportunities, and has specific costs that vary greatly from program to program.

  1. Exchange partner programs are typically the most affordable option because in most cases, students can pay CCU’s in-state tuition rate while registered for classes abroad - a tremendous discount for out-of-state students and a great way for South Carolina residents to save! There can be, however, a BIG difference in the cost of living, depending on location. Students who do an exchange program are abroad for one or more semesters, and they should be expecting a more immersive experience. Applicants should be organized and independent-minded.
  2. Faculty-led programs are the shortest options and are great for students who are nervous about traveling internationally. CCU professors develop and lead these programs, encouraging Chanticleers to travel together. Note: although shorter programs cost less, make sure you break down the program fee by the average cost per week to understand the price you would pay to participate.  
  3. Third-party provider programs are the most geographically diverse options, covering more than 20 countries (including the open seas)! Although these programs can cost more, they also offer additional student support services not always guaranteed by other program types. Plus, they can counter costs through scholarships AND offer programs for every summer term (not just Maymester). 
  4. International internships are similar to third-party provider programs in that they can be pricey; however, these options are appealing to students who want to test-drive a potential career path through a customized placement abroad, which can help Chants take charge of planning their futures through career exploration. 

Now you are ready to make a list of programs that interest you! 

Writing out the pros and cons of three to five programs will help you choose the option that best aligns with your CCU degree, future career, personal goals, and budget! It is a good idea to bring this planning sheet with you to your advising appointment.

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