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HTC Honors College FAQs

How do I join HTC Honors College? For incoming first-year students, admission is by invitation by the director of Honors in consultation with the Office of Admissions and Merit Awards and the president of Coastal Carolina University. The invitation letter is included in the merit award packet mailed to you via USPS. 

How do I accept the invitation to join the program? In your invitation letter there is a web address for you to follow to accept the invitation.When you go to the URL, make sure you have your AP or IB scores and dual enrollment or transfer credit information, so you can provide them on the acceptance form. This information will be useful for our professional advisors as they help you plan your course schedule. 

Is the program only available to entering freshman students? High performing first semester students will receive an invitation to apply to the program during Fall semester. Transfer students who have completed 30 hours of college credit can apply to the program. Contact the director at

What should I do about AP, IB and college transfer credits? AP and IB scores must be sent to the University. To receive transfer or dual credit, an official transcript from the granting institution must be sent to the Office of Admissions and Merit Awards as soon as possible. Dual credit does not count simply because it appears on your high school transcript.

As an incoming first-year student, do I get to choose my own schedule? Yes! During your orientation session in Summer, you will build your first semester schedule with the assistance of our professional advisors. 

How do I find honors classes? Honors classes can be identified in WebAdvisor by the H in the course or section number. We offer a large number of honors-only classes and honors seats in regular classes every semester. If a class has an H in the section number, that indicates that honors seats are available as part of a regular class. If the course has an HONR prefix or has an H in the prefix number, it is an honors-only class (e.g., MSCI 111.H1 indicates honors seats in a regular class whereas HONR 105.H1 or COMM 150H.H1 indicates classes restricted to honors students only).

Will I have an honors adviser during my first year? You will have a first-year honors adviser who will work with you to develop your schedule and guide you through your first year. At the beginning of your second year, you will then have an adviser in your major who will act as your primary adviser. You will have an honors adviser to consult with concerning the honors curriculum for as long as you remain in the Honors College.

What about housing? Honors students are required to live in honors housing during their first year. Roommate requests will be restricted to University Honors students. 

Exceptions are granted to

  • Local students who will be living with family off campus. If you choose to live on campus you must live in honors housing.
  • Student athletes whose teams live together in a community sponsored by Athletics.
  • Members of another Living/Learning community, such as SeaFloor, TEACH, PGM, etc. These students should coordinate with Honors Office and their other community on housing arrangements. 
  • Students with accessibility requirements. These students should inform the Honors Office and contact Accessibility and Disability Services to make arrangements.