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Honors Program FAQs

What are the minimum requirements to be in the Honors Program? You must have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or above, with an ACT of 26, or a combined Math and Verbal/Critical Reading SAT of 1200 for scores earned 2015 and earlier, or a score of 1270 for scores earned 2016 and beyond

How do I apply for the Honors Program? Admission is by invitation of the University Honors Program director in consultation with the Office of Admissions. An honors application is only required for continuing and transfer students.

What if I have the requirements and don't receive an invitation? Please contact our office at 843-349-2267 or If you have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 after 30 credits, you can complete the application online here. Choose the Continuing and Transfer Student application.

What should I do about AP, IB and college transfer credits? You need to have an official transcript from the granting institution sent to the Office of Admissions ASAP. Credits do not count simply because they appear on your high school transcript. Class schedules are built prior to your arrival in the fall and those credits are needed as soon as possible. If credits come in late, schedules are adjusted in August and students are notified by their new CCU email address.

As an incoming first-year student, do I get to choose my own schedule? Your schedule is pre-set prior to your arrival based on your AP, IB and transfer credits as well as the major you plan to pursue. Schedules can be readily changed early, but the later you wait, the flexibility of times and classes narrows.

How do I take honors classes? We offer a number of pre-set honors classes every semester. These may be found on WebAdviser under section location H1-H9.

How do I get the information on the laptop computer new honors students receive? An email is sent to all incoming honors students during the summer with details on the computer and software specifics.

Will I have an honors adviser during my first year? You will meet with your first-year adviser during the required orientations in the summer. The adviser will work with you to define your schedule and guide you through your first year.

What about housing? Honors students are required to live in honors housing during their first year. Roommate requests must also be University Honors Program students. If you live within a 50-mile radius of CCU or with family, you are exempt.

What are the requirements to remain in the Honors Program? Cumulative GPA requirements are 3.25 up to 30 credits, 3.33 up to 60 credits and 3.50 until graduation. Students must take at least one honors course, per semester.