New Student Checklist - Coastal Carolina University
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New Student Checklist

Before you arrive on campus for the semester, you must complete the following items, if you have not already done so.

Finalizing Your Admission

  • Submit your residency information
    • You can confirm your residency on WebAdvisor under the "Communications" section. Click the link that says "South Carolina Residency for Tuition and Fee Purposes" to see whether you are classified as an in-state or out-of-state student. If it reads undetermined, note the list of documents that are required to make a determination.
  • Show proof of lawful/legal presence
    • Many students complete this task when they fill out their FAFSA. If you have not received an email directly from the Office of Admissions and Merit Awards, then you have likely completed this task. You can confirm that you are all set by clicking on the "Students" tab and then under the "Communications" section. Click the link that says "South Carolina Residency for Tuition and Fee Purposes."
  • Update your Social Security Number

Preparing for Move-in

Student Services Tasks

  • Save CHANT411’s contact information
    • You can check your phone to make sure you have saved their contact numbers and started following them on social media accounts.
  • Download all the apps you will use as a student to your phone
    • CCU Mobile
    • CORQ
    • GrubHub
    • Ride Systems
    • GET Mobile 

Well-being Tasks

  • Submit your Health and Immunization Requirements
    • You can confirm that you have successfully uploaded your documents by logging into My Student Health Services. Once there, you can click on the "Immunizations" drop-down and select "View History". You will also receive a confirmation email once your information has been confirmed. You will not be able to register for Orientation until you are in compliance.
  • Complete Get Inclusive for Undergraduates
    • You can verify your completion of the course by logging back into the site. A link to the module will be posted here once available.

Financial Tasks

Academic Requirements