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Spring 2024 Orientation - Friday, January 5, 2024

All new students starting in Spring 2024 are required to complete an orientation experience which includes 1 of the following methods.

  1. BOTH the In-Person Orientation and Online Orientation Modules
  2. ONLY Online Orientation Modules

If you are  a new student who meets any of the the following criteria below then you will only complete the Online Orientation Modules. Click here for more detailed instructions.

  • Health Administration Major 
  • Online Degree Program 
  • Students who are admitted for Spring II, Fall II, Maymester, Summer I, Summer II start
  • Registering for orientation after the in-person session has been completed. 

All other new Spring admits must complete the two (2) component experience which includes:

1. Online Orientation Modules
2. In-Person/On Campus Orientation:  

Orientation Registration Information

In Person Orientation registration for Spring 2024 is now closed. 

All students who have been accepted to CCU and paid their enrollment deposit will be able to complete the online orientation modules after waiting roughly 1 day from their payment being processed and can do so here 

Online Orientation Modules

How do I complete my Orientation Requirement?

You will need your CCU email address and password in order to register for Orientation.

Your email address is your username@coastal.edu, and your password is the same password you use to log into MyCCU.

If you need assistance with your username or password, you can email admissions@coastal.edu.

You can also submit an online service request or contact Student Computing Services by text at 843-733-7234 or phone 843-349-2220.

Visit Student Computing Services - New Student Info for more information.

All Students are required to complete the Online Orientation Modules. It may take up to 1 full day for your account to fully refresh to gain access to the Online Modules.

To access the Online Modules, please click here Online Orientation Modules

The link to the online portal along with next step instructions can be found above. Complete ALL SECTIONS and then click “Mark Me Complete” on the Congratulations page (last slide). Clicking “Mark Me Complete” will bring you back to the Spring Orientation Webpage. If you do not click "Mark Me Complete" the system will not recognize that you have completed the modules and it will show as incomplete.

Completing this modules allows you and your academic advisor to create your course schedule for the semester. If your Online Modules are not complete, then your hold will go back onto your student account and you will have trouble registering for Fall 2024 courses.

For Spring 2024, all students need to set up a meeting with their academic advisors to register for classes. We highly encourage you set up a meeting to speak with your advisor before January Orientation by looking for your advisor in the lists in section 4 below.

Contact us at 843-349-2027 or orientation@coastal.edu if you have any questions

Freshman Advisor List Spring 2024


* The Transfer List states it is for Fall 2023 admits but it is also for Spring 2024 Transfer Admits. *

* Clicking on the links above should open the lists in another window. If a new window doesn't pop up, check your downloads folder as it may download as a PDF instead.  

Use the Advisor Lists depending on which kind of student you are (Freshman or Transfer) and look for your major.

Next to each major is the Academic Advisor or Student Success Administrator who will assist you with getting classes for the spring semester. Completing this step prior to attending the in-person orientation session will enable you to finish the program approximately an hour earlier. 

Our Spring 2024 in-person Orientation Program took place on Friday, January 5, 2024. 

If you were recently accepted to CCU after January 5, 2024 then you must complete the Online Orientation Modules. Completing this modules allows you and your academic advisor to create your course schedule for the semester. If your Online Modules are not complete, then your hold will go back onto your student account and you will have trouble registering for Fall 2024 courses.

Contact us at 843-349-2027 or orientation@coastal.edu if you have any question.s

Spring 2024 Orientation Schedule

Students living in University Housing will move into their on-campus housing assignment after Orientation is complete beginning no earlier than 4pm on Friday, January 5, 2024.

Next Steps before the start of the Spring 2024 Semester

The University requires that students provide proof of immunization AND complete all required Student Heath Services forms prior to attending the University. All Immunization records must be verified, signed and/or stamped by a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or the health care facility. Your immunization record must include the month, day and year the vaccine was given. All immunization records must be submitted in English

For more information please visit the University Immunization Requirements webpage to see required and recommended immunizations.

Uploading Immunization Records

All immunization records must be uploaded to the student's file with Student Heath Services. In order to submit your Immunization Documentation, please visit Upload Immunization Records page. There is also a PDF created at the bottom of this page linked in the “Click HERE for a step-by-step walk through with screenshots” text that walks students through the upload process.

Students registered for online or streaming classes residing in University housing are not exempt from immunization requirements.

Health and immunization information provided to CCU will only be used to ser students' own health needs and to support the public health of the CCU community. If you have any questions regarding the University's immunization requirements, please contact Student Health Services at 843-349-6543.

Go to the CINO Card website and upload a photo of yourself BY January 1, 2024.

Students will receive your CINO Card at Orientation on Friday, January 5, 2024. If an acceptable photo is not uploaded by January 1, 2024, you will have to pick up your CINO Card from the CINO Card office in Sands Hall across the street from the HTC Recreation and Convocation Center the following week (January 8-12, 2024) from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. For more information regarding photo uploads please click here.

Sands Hall is located at 107 Founders Drive. Click Sands Hall to be taken to an interactive map for directions.

All new undergraduate students are required to complete and pass the Get Inclusive - Voices for Change online course on alcohol and other drugs, consent and sexual violence, and identities and inclusion by January 5, 2023.

You can access the course, here: https://train.coastal.edu/course/ by logging in with your CCU username and password ( the same you use to get into MyCCU). 

It is highly recommended that you use Google Chrome as your browser when completing the course. 

*Please note that this course is SEPERATE from the Online Orientation Modules and both must be completed.*

Prior to arriving in January, make sure you complete all of the remaining items on the New Student Checklist. We recommend you get a head start on it now.

Send your transcripts. Upon completion of your current coursework (high school or college), please send your final transcripts to the Office of Admissions and Merit Awards.

Ensure financial aid is in order prior to Orientation by following these helpful steps: Financial Aid Checklist. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Office of Orientation, Transition, & Family Programs
Phone: 843-349-2027
Email: orientation@coastal.edu
Location: Lib Jackson Student Union Suite B-213
Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm and Fridays from 8am-12:30pm

This website was last updated November 2, 2023. Please check back often for updates as this page will reflect the most accurate information regarding Spring Orientation 2024.