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Wall Fellows Code and Conduct  

The conduct of a Wall Fellow is central to the mission of the program and to the values we seek to inspire. Conduct for a Wall Fellow is the behavioral manifestation of inner values. The installation ceremony is an example. Students are invited to join the Wall Fellows by the Board, but only by deciding to enroll oneself in the program and by signing the register of The Wall Fellows does a student actually become a Wall Fellow. This personal act signifies the agreement to be bound by the Creed, the Honor Code, and the Code of Responsibility -- the documents that form the basis of life in the Wall Fellows.

The Wall Fellows is built on respect -- for oneself, one’s colleagues, one’s organization, one’s family, and one’s community -- and on honorable conduct, not just in class or at school, but at all times and in all places. Collaborative teamwork and the mutual reliance on one’s colleagues are central to the activities and training in the Wall Fellows. Professional conduct begins the day one enters the Wall Fellows; the behavior that exemplifies a Wall Fellow is characterized by integrity, competence, conduct, and appearance that is appropriate and sensitive to a situation. Wall Fellows embrace diversity in the workplace and strive for excellence in both personal and professional situations. Craig Wall Sr. once said, “Business education divorced from the development of character was insufficient.”

Craig Wall Jr., in founding a program that lived up to his father’s ideals, said that our mission is “to train students, not for their first job, but for their last.” The power and continuing relevance of those two precepts are fundamental to the success of the Wall Fellows.

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