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MBA Alumni Testimonials



“The one-on-one learning opportunities and the classroom discussions were the key to my success in the program. I learned so much during group work and discussions, and I loved learning in an atmosphere that was open to discussions. I also enjoyed being in classes with students who strived to meet the same career goals as I did.”

-Brittany Hite '12

Under Armour

“It would be a struggle to earn an MBA at other schools for the same cost, but you benefit just as much.”

-Danielle DeSonia '10

Cherry Bekaert LLP

“CCU's MBA program is a great program.  If students are looking for a program that will help them better themselves and prepare them for life in the business world then CCU is the program for them.”

-Stephanie Burgess '08

Santee Cooper

 "Students should consider the CCU MBA because the Wall College is AACSB-accredited, and the professors provide an exceptional learning experience which can be applied to the real world."

-Stacie Bowie '08