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HTC Honors College Fellows

Information for Students

Through the Honors Fellows program, the HTC Honors College provides both recognition and support for honors students doing research-based, scholarly, and/or creative projects with faculty and staff across the University. Honors students planning on working with a faculty or staff mentor on a project in any discipline are strongly encouraged to apply for support through this program.

Honors Fellows are paid up to $1500 per academic term (up to $3000 per academic year) to work with their mentor during semesters in which they are not receiving course credit for that particular project. Honors Fellows have the opportunity to act as ambassadors for the HTC Honors College, participating in activities such as meeting with prospective students or presenting their research at local schools. Honors Fellows will be paid for this work done on behalf of the Honors College.

Awards are for one academic year but may be renewed through reapplication. Students may arrange to work with their mentor on research during the Summer terms as well.

Program Requirements:

Honors Fellows must:

  • be an honors student in good standing with at least 30 credits completed at Coastal,
  • be working with and have the support of a faculty or staff member who will act as a mentor,
  • attend Honors Fellow meetings,
  • provide a written summary reflection about the experience.

Applying to be a Honors Fellow:

Applications should be uploaded to the Honors Fellow Application Portal, and must include the following: 

  • A 1-2 page research/project proposal,
  • A letter of support from your faculty research mentor, which includes a time-line for completion of the research and the expected number of hours each week you will be working on this project.

For the 2023/24 Academic Year, we will give priority to applications received before April 15. Later applications will be considered, but not given as high a priority.  As of September 1, 2023, all Honors Fellow positions have been filled. We will reopen the application for Spring if new funding becomes available.