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Honors Student Publications

The following honors students have had their work published in Bridges, an online journal devoted to the publication of research by undergraduate students from Coastal Carolina University. The journal encourages and rewards high-quality scholarly work by CCU students in all disciplines.


Austin Willmore, "The Implication of US GAAP and IFRS Convergence on American Business"


Tom Fernandez, "Education, Employment, and Coastal Carolina University: What Are CCU Students' Plans After Graduation"


Jacob Beaver, "The Influence of Ubiquitin-related Modifier Protein URM1 on Prion Formation"

Caitlin Carroll, "Assessment of Balance in Collegiate Cheerleaders: Is Implementing a Balance Training Program a Good Idea?”

Dominique de Wit, "UN-REDD and the Yasuní-ITT Initiative as Global Environmental Governance Mechanisms"

Dylan Houston, "Investigating Volatility Trends of Silver through an Analysis of Stock Options Prices"

Hannah Widdifield, "Who’s Allowed to Ride the Short Bus? Un-Defining Disability"


Ryan Brown, "Remixing Business Models: Technology and the Future of the Modern Music Industry"

Kevin Crowley, "Co-Crystallization and Polymorphism of Naturally Occurring Peptide Derivatives"

Emma Currin, "Businesses Going Green: An Analysis of the Factors that Motivate Firms to Adopt Environmentally Friendly Practices"

Bailey Devon Howard, "Title IX Compliance: A Comparison of Coastal Carolina University to Other Regional Universities"

Kevin Kern, "Multimessenger Astronomy: Modeling Gravitational and Electromagnetic Radiations from a Stellar Binary System"

Desmond Wallace, "Midterm Elections Used to Gauge President’s Reelection Chances"

Aliyyah Willis, "Freedom in Education: The Movement to Educate the Freedmen in the Pee Dee Region During Reconstruction"


Mark Barnes, "What in the World (of Warcraft) is 'Virtual Property'?"

Desiree Leach, "Microbial Stoichiometry and Homeostasis of Nutrient Ratios in Fungi"

Brian Quigley, "Three-Dimensional Ocean Circulation in Long Bay of the Carolinas: Numerical Modeling Results of the Year 2009," with Kehui Xu

Kylie Roberts, "Locus of Control and Academic Self-Efficacy as a Function of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"

Sherri Tomlinson, "The Effect of UV Irradiation on Bacteriophage Survival"