Online Orientation 2023 - Coastal Carolina University
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All new students starting in Fall 2024 are required to complete an orientation experience.

Any new student who meets the following criteria must complete the Online Orientation Modules. Click here for more detailed instructions.

  • Health Administration Major 
  • Online Degree Program 
  • Admitted for Spring II, Fall II, Maymester, Summer I, Summer II
  • Registering for orientation after the in-person sessions have been completed. 

Online Orientation Modules:

This self-paced orientation will allow you to learn about the academic programs and student life services at CCU. It will take you approximately one hour to complete the orientation, and you do have the option to stop and restart as needed. In order to access the asynchronous online orientation, make sure you have your CCU login credentials. You will have access to the program within 1 hour of registering for your orientation. Once you have successfully completed all the parts of the online orientation, you will be able to contact your advisor and get registered for classes.

Orientation Registration Overview 

  • Follow the link provided below to the Orientation Registration page. Once you follow the link, sign in using your Coastal username and password.
  • Once you register for Orientation, you will receive an email confirmation to your  CCU email address 
  • Instructions for how to access the asynchronous online orientation will be included in the confirmation email.

Orientation Flow Chart

1. CLICK HERE to sign up for your online orientation : Follow the link provided to the Orientation Registration page. Once you follow the link, sign in using your Coastal username and password. You can use this link to access the online orientation at anytime.

2. Complete your online orientation. Open your orientation confirmation email (sent to your CCU email address) and follow the instructions for accessing the online orientation. Complete ALL SECTIONS and then click “Mark Me Complete” on the Congratulations page (last slide). Clicking “Mark Me Complete” will prompt you to do the following:

  • Complete and submit a short survey for online orientation
  • Complete and submit your Course Preferences Worksheet

You must complete Online Orientation in order to register for classes.

3. Get registered for classes. The sooner you complete the online orientation, the sooner you will be able to register for classes. After submitting the survey or Course Preference Worksheet, you will be redirected to the Academic Advisor Contact List.



Use the list to find your Academic Advisor (sorted by major) and contact them in order to get registered for classes.

4. Submit your University Immunization Records 

    The University requires that students provide proof of immunization AND complete all required Student Heath Services forms prior to your arrival for the Fall 2023 semester. All Immunization records must be verified, signed and/or stamped by a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or the health care facility. Your immunization record must include the month, day and year the vaccine was given. All immunization records must be submitted in English. 

    For the health and safety of the campus community, Coastal Carolina University requires the following immunizations prior to attending the University:

    • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) doses 1 and 2
      • 2 doses required at least 28 days apart for students born after 1957 or later and all health sciences students
      • First dose is given at age 12 months or later.
      • Second dose is given at least 28 days after the first dose.
    • Tetanus (Td or Tdap) vaccination within the last 10 years
    • TB Risk Assessment Form must be completed, signed, and dated.
    • If under the age of 25 and living in University Housing, a Meningococcal Vaccine or a declination waiver is required
    • CCU will not require the COVID vaccine for students but it is one of the recommended immunizations.

    For more information please visit the University Immunization Requirements webpage.

    Uploading Immunization Records

    All immunization records must be uploaded to the student's file with Student Heath Services. In order to submit your Immunization Documentation, please visit Upload Immunization Records page. There is also a PDF created at the bottom of this page linked in the “Click HERE for a step-by-step walk through with screenshots” text that walks students through the upload process.

    5. Complete the New Student Checklist: Review and complete all of the remaining items on the New Student Checklist which includes the following among other steps:  

    • Submit your CINO Card photo. Go to the CINO Card website and upload a photo of yourself BEFORE July 30, 2023. You will be able to pick up your CINO Card from the CINO Card office the first week of classes.
    • Ensure financial aid is in order prior to Orientation by following these helpful steps: Financial Aid Checklist.

    If you have any questions or have trouble registering for orientation, please call 843.349.2027 during University business hours (M-TH 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m. and Fridays 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. EDT).