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Senior Lecturer Performance Expectations

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The successful Senior Lecturer in the Department of English will demonstrate exceptional teaching and sustained pedagogical innovation in all courses. The successful Senior Lecturer will be expected to: demonstrate content currency in all courses; employ pedagogical variety to improve student learning; maintain high performance standards for students; maintain a high standard of professionalism in the preparation of teaching materials and in the mentoring of students; observe institutional regulations regarding class meetings, office hours, and final examinations; exhibit civility, approachability, and fairness in interactions with students.

In terms of service, regular attendance at scheduled department meetings is expected. It is also expected that Senior Lecturers will offer some service in areas that affect their lives as teachers and for the good of the department. When a Senior Lecturer undertakes limited service for his or her own professional development, such activity should not be allowed to interfere with the primary obligation to teach well. Senior Lecturers may take on compensated service and/or administrative appointments. Such obligations are accepted voluntarily and do not change the fundamental instructional responsibilities of the Senior Lecturer position.

Scholarship and creative writing activities are not expected of Senior Lecturers, but some Senior Lecturers do pursue various scholarly and creative activities in areas that directly affect their lives as teachers and for their own professional development. The Department values scholarship and creative writing activities, particularly as they directly enhance pedagogy, but such activities should not interfere with the primary obligation to teach well.

Activities Performance Indicators:


  • Classroom teaching
  • Maintaining course currency
  • Developing new pedagogical materials for ongoing or new courses  
  • Service activities that enhance teaching expertise or pedagogical practice


  • Participating in scholarly or creative activities that enhance teaching expertise or pedagogical practice
  • Participating in teaching seminars and workshops
  • Mentoring of student research or creative projects
  • Mentoring graduate teaching assistant
  • Developing innovative teaching initiatives, including but not limited to: effective use of technology in the classroom, developing experiential-learning courses and/or assignments, developing course assessments and responses to them, collaborative teaching

Documentary Performance Indicators:


  • Copies of all student evaluations from the past year
  • Faculty Performance Evaluation (a.k.a. “The Annual Report”)
  • Chair classroom observation and evaluation (required first year of appointment only)


  • Classroom observation and from department chair, associate chair, Faculty Welfare and Development Committee, or member of the Composition Committee (evaluation (strongly encouraged every other year)
  • Peer classroom observation and evaluation
  • Teaching portfolio (e.g. statement of teaching philosophy, sample syllabi, assignments, etc.
  • Teaching awards and/or recognitions