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Digital Culture and Design (Bachelor of Arts)

The cross-disciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Digital Culture and Design combines liberal arts-based critical thinking skills with experiential learning projects through a newly developed pedagogical approach called “critical making.” It offers intensive training in computer coding, digital curation and web-based design. In this major, you’ll learn to synthesize information across disciplinary boundaries, thinking about how concepts and issues within the humanities are transformed when they exist in a digital environment. You’ll gain digital skills that can be applied to fields such as web design, digital journalism and publishing, or museum exhibits and animation.

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New Media and Digital Culture Minor

From Twitter Revolutions to online literary journals and news blogs, the world of writing and publishing is changing at a dramatic pace. The emphasis on New Media and Digital Culture builds on the practices and theories of traditional and historical studies to explore the changing dimensions of textual production, reading communities, and scholarship in an age of digital reproduction. The research and teaching interests of faculty in New Media and Digital Culture focus on a range of questions related to new media, literature, writing, and digital culture: How do you prepare to be an informed and creative writer or scholar in an increasingly digital world? What is the role of literary and cultural history in affecting thoughtful critiques about how we create and access digital texts and information? How is new media changing how we think about authorship, copyright, and the past, present, and future of mediated interaction and communication?

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