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Fulbright Speaker Series

In collaboration with Coastal’s Office of Global Initiatives and the Fulbright Foundation’s Outreach Lecturing Fund, AHGEP has developed the CCU’s Visiting Fulbright Scholar Speaker Series. Part of Coastal’s QEP initiative to enhance students’ global cultural learning experiences, the series brings diverse international scholars and expert practitioners to campus to engage with the university students, faculty, and staff, as well as the larger community. Each visiting Fulbright scholar gives two lectures on topics of their expertise, participates in a discussion with Coastal and HGTC students and faculty about their Fulbright experiences and cultural engagements with U.S. colleges and universities, and is interviewed by a team of AHGEP Student Ambassadors on the topic of the connections between their cultural and professional investments. The talks are free and open to the public, and the interviews, to be curated by the Ambassadors in December 2016, will be made available online. 

January 19-20, 2016

Anna Sanina

(Russia: St. Petersburg): Fulbright Residency at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Dr. Sanina (Ph.D. Sociology) is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Administration at St. Petersburg. An expert in topics in political sociology, Dr. Sanina’s current work focuses on digital cultures of activism among the youth of Russia. Her recent publications include articles and book chapters on digital culture and political and cultural identity in Russia, youth culture and visible and invisible forms of resistance, cultures of loyalty and patriotism in contemporary Russia, and economic crises and formation of state identity. She has successfully completed projects on the appropriation of museum spaces and cultures in the context of Russian nationalism and on civic identity and modernity in Russia, respectively.   

Dr. Sanina has been awarded multiple fellowships in recognition of her sociological research and academic contributions to digital and visual cultural studies. Her work on identity studies in contemporary Russia is an interdisciplinary analysis of business, education, and scientific environments in the country.   

Talk Titles and Dates:

  1. Visual Irony in Digital Culture: Field Study of Social Media in the Age of Globalization (January 19, 2016: 10:30am)
  2. Patriotism and Patriotic Education in Contemporary Russia (January 19, 2016: 5:00pm) Note: This talk is open to the community and the public.

February 18-20, 2016

Yuan Ren

(China: Fudan University): Fulbright Residency at Brown.

Dr. Ren is a Professor of Demography and Urban Studies at Fudan University, China. He is deputy director of the Institute of Population Research (IPR), and also deputy director of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS). He has been awarded fellowships at University of Aberdeen in the UK by British Council (2000), at University of Illinois at Chicago (2002), and at the International Center for the Study of East Asian Development in Japan (2006). Prof. Ren specializes in urban studies and demography, and conducts research and publishes on a wide range of topics that include population and development, aging studies, urbanization and migration, employment and labor market, urban and regional development, global city and global-local nexus, urban affairs and public policies, low carbon cities, urban sustainability, and so on with a primary focus on China, especially in and around Shanghai Area.

Prof. Ren is the co-editor of Reshaping Welfare Institutions in China and the Nordic Countries (Helsinki & Shanghai: 2014); co-author Migration and Urbanization in Contemporary China (Shanghai: 2013); author of Temporary Migrants’ Living Patterns and Their Social Integration in Urban China (Shanghai: 2012), co-editor and contributor of The Era of Global City-Regions (Shanghai: 2009), author of Employment in Transition Society: Community-based Employment and Social Policies (Shanghai: 2007), editor and contributor of Chinese Informal Employment Report (Chongqing: 2007), and et al. He also has published a score of articles in such journals as Chinese Journal of Population Science, Fudan Journal of Human and Social Sciences, Social Science in China, Sociological Research, Population and Economics, Population Studies, Chinese Population, Resource and Environment, Market and Population Analysis, and several edited books.

Talk Titles and Dates:

  1. Massive Migration and Migrants' Social Integration during Chinese Urbanization (February 19, 2016: 10:30am)
  2. China’s Population Prospects and Challenges (February 19, 2016: 5:00pm) Note: This talk is open to the community and the public.

March 2-4, 2016

Saliou Dione


Dr. Saliou Dione is Distinguished Professor of African and Postcolonial Studies at the Department of Anglophone Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He is a founding member of the African and Postcolonial Studies Laboratory, he is a member of the Committed that designed the courses and curriculum of that discipline, of which he is also the Coordinator. Dr. Dione’s chief research and teaching interests are: African literature (Oral and Written Literatures) and civilization (Continental Africa and the Diaspora/Africana Literature and Civilization); African culture, Gender and Sexuality studies, Popular culture, Identity in the contexts of migration, globalization, arts and music, Postcolonialism/postcoloniality, Afrocentrism and Eurocentrism. s

Published widely in the above-mentioned areas of study, For his contributions to and promotion of the study of African sexualities, Dr. Dione was recognized as the 2012 laureate of the Dakar-based Development of Research in Social Sciences in Africa. In addition to his university career (lecturing and conducting scientific research), he is a bilingual translator and interpreter and works with many local and international organizations. Dr. Dione is presently a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Center for African Studies, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, at Rutgers, where he is researching for the manuscript of his upcoming book about Gender, Sex, Sexuality(ies), Sexual Orientations and Sexual Identity(ies) in Postcolonial Africa, while also putting the finishing touches on (proofing) another book manuscript titled The Black Female Novel: Going Beyond Gender Politics.

Talk Titles and Dates:

  1. Female Migritude as a Challenge to Masculinity(ies) in Postcolonial Africa (March 03, 2016: 10:30am)
  2. Roots and Routes of Pan-Africanism: Cross-Influences and New World Challenges (March 03, 2016: 5:00pm) Note: This talk is open to the community and the public.

April 13-14, 2016

*Please note that Dr. Daehoon Jho’s visit coincides with our Celebration of Inquiry event, the theme of which fits perfectly with the visitor’s areas of expertise.

Daehoon Jho

(S. Korea: Sungshin Women’s University): Fulbright Residency at the University of Oregon.

Prof. Jho is a professor of Social Science Education at Sungshin Women’s University. His Fulbright project is titled “The Making of the Global Citizen.” Dr. Jho received his doctorate in education from Columbia University, prior to which he completed his Masters in Education from Harvard. His current interests and his areas of expertise are in pedagogies of global citizenship and digital pedagogies of globality. His work and teaching focuses on: the impact of national policies on teaching and student learning; critical analysis of citizenship education in an era of globalization; postcolonial analysis of Western educational theories in the S. Korean context; and the development of frameworks for secondary civics and social studies education.  

Dr. Jho has been Chair of the department of Social Science Education at Sungshin University and also the Dean of the College of Education. He is on the editorial board of multiple journals of education and is a member of and consultant for many national and international educational organizations, such as UNESCO. Dr. Jho has published widely in his discipline, both in the English language and in Korean. This is Dr. Jho’s second Fulbright fellowship: he held his last one in 1996-97. 

Talk Titles and Dates:

  1. The Making of Global Citizens: Issues and Challenges in Contemporary Education (April 13, 2016: 10:30am)
  2. Global Education Meets Media: Fostering Global Citizens in the Digital Age (April 13, 2016: 5:00pm) Note: This talk is open to the community and the public