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Diversity and Equity in the Edwards College

The Edwards College is home to one of the most diverse student bodies at Coastal Carolina University, and our faculty and students engage in inclusive and diverse scholarship and art that focus on underrepresented stories.

At the Edwards College, our diversity is our strength. Our students come from different regions, different economic, and different social backgrounds. Many are the first students in their families to attend college. Others are seasoned professionals returning for their second degree. Our entire college works to create an inclusive and equitable creative and learning environment, pairing local research with global perspectives. Learn about some initiatives that contribute to this work below. 

Edwards College DEI Strategic Plan (Updated February 12, 2021)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

DEI Committee 2021 FLYER (added 3/5/2021) MCD

Dory Sibley, co-chair (At-Large Faculty)
Samantha Ikner, co-chair (Graduate Students)

Daniela Johnson (Staff)
Shawna Roessler (Contingent Faculty)
Maggi Morehouse (Humanities Departments)
Gillian Richards-Greaves (Social Sciences Departments)
Jesse Willis (Visual and Performing Arts Departments)
Rotating Member from Dean’s Advisory Council (Undergraduate Students)
Claudia Bornholdt (Dean's Office, ex-officio)

Dean's DEI Advisory Committtee

As undergraduate advisors, this council helps increase representation and perspectives from BIPOC and LGBTQ students in the Edwards College.

Alexis (Buddy) Funes
Political Science

Alexis “Buddy” Funes is a local Political Science major, and son to Latin American immigrant parents. Growing up he always aimed to do more for his community especially when representing those with similar backgrounds. Buddy hopes to use his experiences within politics and local government to include those around him and make lasting impacts whether that means legislation, advocacy or just a good laugh.  


Isaiah Davis
Intelligence and National Security Studies

Ozzy Whitley
Anthropology and Geography

Ozzy Whitley is a junior Anthropology & Geography major from Columbia, SC. She is interested in race theory, intersectionality, cultural geography, anthropological theory, philosophy, and social epistemology. In the Dean’s DEI Advisory Committee, Ozzy hopes to apply what she has learned in the past, including her own experiences, to her work in the Edwards College while learning how to better educate the public on diversity and inclusivity going forward in academia.

Dean's Advisory Council member

Michelle Garcia
Theatre Arts, Acting



Related Initiatives

The work to make our college, university, and world a more inclusive place for individuals and scholarship never ends. See below some of our centers and initiatives that engage in this work.