Funding of Final Phase of Salary Study - Coastal Carolina University
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Funding of Final Phase of Salary Study

Human Resources and Equal Opportunity

Supporting the mission of the University is the primary goal of all University employees. Retaining those employees to provide continuity and support to the University community is critical to student retention. The Human Resource and Equal Opportunity (HREO) office plays a crucial, but often overlooked, role in student success by recruiting, hiring and retaining qualified University employees.

In 2012, Human Resources and Equal Opportunity initiated a pay study and recommendations were made to decrease the amount of salary compression. The recommendations of the study were adopted and it was determined that salary increases would be spread over a number of years. One phase of this program was still unfunded as 2017 was drawing to a close.

In support of the Strategic Plan, Objective 3.3.5, a request was made for Student Achievement Funding to close out the final phase of this project. This request was approved and the final salary adjustments have been made. It is hoped that the funding of the final phase of this project will help decrease employee turnover, therefore ensuring continuity in supporting the mission of the University.