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Lighthouse Project


The “Lighthouse Project” is a semester-long collaboration between CCU’s Department of Theatre students and participants with Project Lighthouse, a drop in center for homeless youth. Project Lighthouse’s center provides educational, informational, and prevention support for runaway, homeless, street youth. The program constitutes the first line of defense for street youth, identifying issues unique to this population and providing needed services. The collaboration will culminate in a theatrically devised event engaging audience members in civic dialogue and re-imagining. The project works to challenge the status quo through various theatrically devised vignettes that question our perception of homelessness. What if our opinions of homelessness are misguided, misinformed, and misunderstood? Are we really so separate, so different, so far removed? Through workshops involving the students from the Department of Theatre and participants with Project Lighthouse, stories and experiences will light the way into a re-envisioning of our societal structures that perpetuate homelessness in order to transform our community through civic engagement.