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Edwards College Peer Leaders

Peers play a critical role in college student development and retention. Peer leaders have the ability to model the positive student behavior, connect students to resources and the institution, and guide new students through the transition to the college environment. Because of this, peer leadership programs that connect continuing students with new students are well-established at many higher education institutions.

The Edwards College Peer Leaders program seeks to bring this program to incoming first-year students by connecting them with an experience sophomore or junior in their major department. Peer leaders will serve as role models, coaches, mentors and resources as first-year students transition to CCU. The inaugural year will include 17 paid peer leaders assigned by UNIV 110 course.

“Accepting a job as a peer leader was one of the best decisions I’ve made at Coastal. I have learned so much about myself the past semester that will help me better myself in the future. At first I was hesitant at accepting a job as a mentor, only because I was just in the shows of a freshman the past year. I soon learned that this was the best thing for them. I quickly saw my mentees in the same position I had been, with the same aspirations, drive and fears for the future… I was able to help them get over their fears as well bettering myself in the process.”

Amy Uberrhein
Intelligence and National Security Studies Major
Class of 2021
Edwards College Peer Leaders