About WCCU - Coastal Carolina University
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About WCCU

WCCU Radio is an internet radio station run by students of Coastal Carolina University. It is located on the 3rd floor of Brittain Hall, and operates under the University’s Department of Communication, Media, and CultureStudents perform their own shows in a variety of formats including music, talk, and sports. Live student shows typically run between 8 a.m. and midnight. We have student DJs from all majors. All students and organizations are welcome to have their own shows.

The station offers experiential learning in several aspects of broadcasting including etnertainment, programming, marketing, and on-air performance.  Students create and broadcast their own shows under the guidance and supervision of experienced student managers and faculty advisors.

We encourage diversity and want our shows to represent the interests of our campus and community. Because it is an internet radio station WCCU is not bound by the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, but the station does use those regulations as a guide for operations. WCCU operates in the public interest, and is responsive to the needs of the college and the local community.

WCCU Managers

Station Manager
JP Kinney

Business Manager

Program Manager
Akilah Stroman

Faculty Advisor

Jeffery Ranta is the creator and architect of the award-winning, student-run communications firm, The Carolina Agency, students under Ranta's 12 years of leadership have earned several national championships in public relations and business communications including the highly-competitive Bateman Competition. His current research interests include communicating alternative energy solutions, green marketing/greenwashing and fostering professional self-efficacy via the student-run agency. He is a contributing author to several textbooks on student-run agencies and authored multiple articles on marine fishkeeping, public relations pedagogy and communications executive management. 

Contact: jranta@coastal.edu