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Professional Development

From learning basic job functions to mastering high-level professional competencies, your time at CCU will be unique and will include various core and ancillary experiences. University Housing will guide you through an individualized plan designed to maximize your time as a coordinator at CCU. Your plan will be tailored to your learning style, strengths, experience and goals. Additionally, you can choose to partner with an experienced colleague – a professional development coach – who, in consultation with your supervisor, will support, challenge and celebrate you.

Year 1: Understanding and Learning

  • CCU on-boarding, including Feel the Teal
  • Attend/volunteer at state conferences - SCHOA, SCCPA and SCORE
  • Advise Community Council
  • Serve on Resident Success committees
  • Participate in the Safe Zone Program
  • Attend the Campus Life One-Day Conference

Year 2: Developing and Honing

  • Attend/volunteer at regional conferences - SEAHO and NASPA Region III
  • Develop training for peers
  • Advise a campuswide organization
  • Facilitate Chant Life
  • Serve on departmentwide committees
  • Teaching opportunities (FYE/UNIV 110)

Year 3: Mastering and Transitioning

  • Attend/volunteer at national conference - ACUHO-I, NASPA and ACPA
  • Serve on divisional and campuswide committees
  • Approved ancillary assignments
  • Co-chair Resident Success committees
  • Participate in professional staff recruitment (SPE/TPE)
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