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ITS for Faculty and Staff

Accounts and Access

Email (Office 365 Outlook) and WebAdvisor accounts for faculty and staff are automatically generated within 24 hours after an employee is hired and their records are activated by the Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity. Please contact HREO at 843-349-2036 or with any questions about employee status (regarding hiring paperwork that may still need to be completed or if you are activated as a new employee in our system). 

For faculty and instructional staff, a Moodle account (CCU's online Learning Management System) with a class roster is generated prior to the start of a new semester.

When new employees receive their new CCU account information they may contact the online ITS Service Center or call 843-349-5000 for assistance setting up their email account. 

Additional Information

  • Do you need access to a particular CCU system or IT service?
    • Lookup services and systems in the IT Service Catalog 
    • The IT Service Catalog entry will include applicable resources, information, and how to request or access specific services
    • The IT Service Catalog is accessible to current faculty and staff
  • Access ITS Knowledge Base in the ITS Ticket System for helpful articles, tips, and resources
    • To access the Knowledge Base: log in to with your Coastal username and password and select the Information Technology Services in the organization drop-down menu
    • Access the Knowledge Base from the left-hand navigation
  • To change your CCU password, visit the Password Toolbox
  • CCU faculty or staff may request a personal WW2 web page hosted on a University ww2 server. These pages may be used to provide course materials, share research or projects, or post a CV.

Need to access your account during future travel abroad?

Coastal Carolina University students, faculty, staff, or alumni who will travel abroad, outside of the United States or U.S. territories, will need travel access and MFA to access accounts abroad during travel. Learn more »