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Academic Initiatives

Academic initiatives are programs, services, facilities, and learning communities that support the academic needs and goals of our residents. University Housing is committed to establishing relationships with faculty and staff in order to maximize the availability of academic resources to our residents including regular interaction between faculty and students outside the classroom.

University Housing also incorporates academic initiatives within an RA's training and as part of his/her position. It is essential because the RA may be the first staff member that notices any signs of a student who is not engaged in his/her own academic career. RAs are integral in fostering and cultivating an environment and community that places academics as a core priority. 

In addition to the RAs, our professional staff members are key resources for students in their academic pursuits. As a department we also have an Academic Success Committee whose role is to provide large scale programming, recognition, faculty/staff interaction opportunities, and academic support efforts to all residents.

Current Academic Initiatives

"Sweet Success" Academic Excellence Recognition – All residents who are on the Dean's and President's List are invited to attend a dessert social. University faculty and staff who are invited to attend will be the provost, academic deans, faculty who have received the Distinguished Lecturer Award, the vice president for Campus Life and Student Engagement, and the senior director of University Housing.

House Calls Program – In the fall semester, faculty and staff visit our freshmen communities in an effort for residents to have intentional interactions outside of the classroom; allowing residents to get to know faculty and staff on a personal level. Furthermore, faculty and staff will benefit by gaining a better knowledge of what the living environment is like for this generation of college student.

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