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University Housing aims to provide a complete experience for residential students of Coastal Carolina University through interactions and initiatives focused on the CHANT Engagement Model.  Living on campus will provide numerous opportunities for residents to engage with each other through area-wide events featuring faculty and staff members from across campus.

The CHANT Engagement Model is based on the following seven themes:


Holistic Wellness




These themes are central to every initiative carried out by staff members within University Housing.  The themes are intentionally designed to encompass the whole student and educate in all phases of student life.  In addition, this model is designed to support both the departmental mission of ‘creating a foundation of care, safety, success,’ as well as the institutional mission to “develop students who are both knowledgeable in their chosen fields and prepared to be productive, responsible, healthy citizens with a global perspective.”

The CHANT Engagement Model will be demonstrated through effective use of events, Chant Chats, walkthroughs, fire drills, health and safety inspections, community meetings, day-to-day interactions, collaboration between University Housing and other campus partners, effective use of social media, wellness checks, and other staff duties and tasks.

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University Housing creates a foundation of care for resident safety and success.