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Housing Application, Assignments and Room Selection FAQs:

When can I apply for housing?

Answer: The housing application is typically available as follows: Fall – February 1, Spring – November 1 and Summer – April 1. Once a student applies for the fall semester, he or she does not need to reapply for the spring semester as the application is for both semesters. Students living on campus for summer will need to complete an application for the term(s) attending. You will apply in MyCoastalHome.

Am I required to live on campus?

Answer: CCU does support a comprehensive educational approach which includes a residential component. First- and second-year students who graduate from high school within two calendar years prior to entering CCU are required to live on campus and purchase a residential meal plan. Local students who live with a parent or legal guardian within 50 miles of CCU are automatically exempt from the requirement. Even if a student is not required to live on campus, they can apply for housing and live on campus. More details about the policy (STUD-336) and reasons a student can request an exemption are on our website.

I'm part of a group (e.g. Honors, athlete), so do I get to select my space early?

Answer: No specific groups receive priority over other students. Students who are accepted into Special Interest Housing may sign up earlier but only for the allotted spaces for that specific group.

Where do I enter my housing preferences?

Answer: Students will enter their community preferences on their housing application if they are accepted for that application term. We will take them into consideration when manually making your housing assignment along with roommate preferences, your profile and the spaces available.

When can I select my space?

Answer: Students applying for the academic year are eligible to participate in room selection onlin if the housing application is completed by the room seleciton deadline. All students who meet the deadline will be issued a random time slot to select a space. Learn more about the process online. Students applying for other terms will be manually assigned by University Housing based on preferences and spaces available.

Is it first come, first served when selecting my room? In other words, the sooner I apply, the better chance of getting my first choice room?

Answer: This is not completely accurate. All students who complete their housing application (academic year applicants only) by the published room selection deadline will have the opportunity to select their space online. We do not use the application date when issuing time slots for room selection. There is no rush to complete your application. If you want the opportunity to select your room, complete it by the room selection deadline and you should be set.

For example, let's say the deadline is May 15. A student who applies on February 5 and a student who applies on April 30 would both be eligible to receive a random time slot for room seleciton. However a student who applies on April 30 and one that applies on June 1 would be different. The student applying on April 30 would be eligible to select their room while the student applying on June 1 would be manually assigned by University Housing staff.

How can I see my room assignment?

Answer: You will be able to see your housing assignment in MyCoastalHome on the "Application Summary" page along with your roommate(s) screen name so you can begin to communicate.

What do I need to do if I have a medical need for a specific type of housing assignment?

Answer: Contact Accessibility and Disability Services at 843-349-2503 for more information on the process. You can begin the process by registering with their office and providing appropriate documentation, coastal.edu/disabilityservices. We highly recommend submitting your request as early as possible to allow University Housing ample time to honor the request if approved.

How soon can I request a room change?

Answer: Once housing selection is complete, changes are limited as spaces may not come open frequently. Prior to fall move-in, you may go to MyCoastalHome to search for other spaces. To do so, you will go back to your housing application and click on the Room Change step. Pre-fall moves are permitted until July 31. Afetr which all room changes are put on hold until the third week of the semester.

Why didn't I get the roommate I requested?

Answer: Roommate requests must be mutual in MyCoastalHome, so it is possible that the person you requested did not accept your request, did not pull you into the space with them during Room Selection, or did not complete the housing application. In addition students who are accepted into a Special Interest Housing community are only permitted to live with other students accepted into that same community. Roommate requests are not guaranteed and although University Housing does its best to honor all mutual requests, in some cases they cannot be granted.

My preferred roommate missed the room selection deadline, so how can we still live together?

Answer: Only students who completed their application by the published room selection deadline are able to be requested as roommates and participate in room selection. Your preferred roommate would not be eligible to participate. You can go ahead and select your space and then use the room change process to try to get together after your preferred roommate has a room assignment.

I have selected my room but want to change my roommate. What can I do?

Answer: You are unable to change the room assignment of any roommate. However you can change your room through the room change process through your housing application. To do so, you will go back to your housing application and click on the Room Change step. Pre-fall moves are permitted until July 31. After which they are put on hold until the third week of the semester.

What happens if I have an open space in my room, suite or apartment?

Answer: Any unassigned spaces will be available for any student to select or be assigned to at any time. The Application Summary page on your housing application will have the most current information. Use this is an opportunity to meet someone new and expand your circle of friends.

What happens if I do not get along with my roommate?

Answer: All residents assigned to a room, suite or apartment have the option to complete a roommate agreement with their Resident Adviser (RA) at the beginning of the semester, which will help residents set limits and rules for their living space. University Housing staff will work to help resolve any conflicts or disagreements that occur between roommates. If a resolution is not possible and you wish to move out of the space, a request can be made through your Community Coordinator (CC) if space is available.

Can I cancel my housing?

Answer: If you are not attending Coastal Carolina University, you can request release from the license agreement and cancel your housing any time prior to move in. Cancellations may be made online in MyCoastalHome by clicking on the "Cancel Application"button. The $50 application fee and $150 advanced prepayment are non-refundable. More information about the release process is available online, Release Prior to Occupancy. After you have checked in, you will need to meet with your Community Coordinator regarding the process to request release from your housing license agreement.

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