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Living Space FAQs:

What furnishings does University Housing provide to residents on campus?

Answer: Beds, desks, desk chairs, chest of drawers, closet space, central heat and air-conditioning, window coverings and internet port are provided in each room. Suites and apartments will have additional furnishings in the kitchen, living room and dining room areas. Residents are responsible for the furniture in their bedroom and any common area space. All of the furniture that is in a space at check-in must be there at check-out. Please see the Living Options section of the website for a more detailed list of furniture provided for each community.

What should I bring with me? What items are prohibited in University Housing?

Answer: There is a comprehensive list available online of recommended items to bring and items you should leave at home under the Living Options menu. Please be aware this is not an exhaustive list. If there is something you want to bring but are not sure if it is allowed, email or call us first before purchasing.

Can I have a refrigerator?

Answer: Full-size residential refrigerators are provided in each unit at Blue Ridge, the Gardens, Grand Strand, Low Country, Piedmont, Sandhills, and the Woods. One UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified refrigerator no larger than 4.6 cubic feet is allowed (per resident) in Chanticleer, DeCenzo, Singleton-Young, Eaglin, Ingle, and Tradition halls.

Can I have a microwave?

Answer: Each apartment at Blue Ridge, Grand Strand, Low Country, Piedmont and Sandhills have microwaves already installed in the kitchen area. Residents living in other spaces are allowed to have a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified microwave provided that it is less than 1000 watts. University Housing recommends that you talk with your roommates before purchasing a microwave for your space to avoid having multiple units in one room.

What type of bed will I have?

Answer: All Township Circle and Elvington Loop living spaces (Chanticleer, DeCenzo, Eaglin, the Gardens, Ingle, Singleton-Young, Tradition, and the Woods) and all double occupancy bedrooms at Grand Strand have extra-long twin beds (36” x 80”). Single bedrooms in University Place (Blue Ridge, Grand Strand, Low Country, Piedmont, and Sandhills) have double-size beds. Go to this website for more specific information.

Can I loft my bed?

Answer: In Eaglin and Ingle, triple occupancy rooms will come with one bed lofted and two beds bunked prior to your arrival. Otherwise due to the design of our buildings, residents are not permitted to loft or bunk their beds. The extra-long twin beds provided are adjustable to allow ample storage underneath. Residents may purchase plastic risers no higher than 12 inches high (these typically look like square mini traffic cones).

Where can I store my bicycle or electric scooter?

Answer: Bicycles and electric scooters should be stored on the bicycle racks provided on the exterior of the residential facilities. Bicycles and electric scooters are not permitted in University Housing and cannot be stored on balconies.

What do we do with trash?

Answer: Residents are responsible for removing trash from their residences and placing it in the provided dumpsters. Disposal of trash in any other location may result in an individual or community charge.

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