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CCU is committed to a comprehensive educational experience that includes a residential component. All degree-seeking, full-time, first- and second-year students who graduated from high school within two calendar years prior to enrolling in Coastal Carolina University are required to live with University Housing and purchase a meal plan, Housing and Meal Plan Requirement (STUD-336).

The Housing Exemption form allows students to request exemption from STUD-336 and share information that justifies an exemption. The Housing and Meal Plan Requirement applies to all registered CCU students and those students in specific residential programs (Nursing 1+2+1 and Bridge).

Review the information below prior to submitting a request and do not make any alternative housing arrangements until you have received a decision. Otherwise if you are denied, you'll be responsible for multiple housing payments. The Housing Exemption Request form is located in MyCoastalHome.

If you have any questions about the process, contact University Housing.

Graduated from high school more than two calendar years prior to enrolling in CCU Student provides a copy of their high school diploma or transcript.
Live with parent or legal guardian within 50 miles from campus Student provides images of their driver's license or state issued ID and their parent's or legal guardian's driver's license or state issued ID. Student updates their permanent and parent/legal guardian addresses with the Office of the Registrar: Student Address Update form to update their permanent address and Student Relations Update form to update their parent/legal guardian address.
Married Student provides a copy of their notarized marriage certificate.
Have a dependent child or children Student provides a copy of the original birth certificate listing them as the parent or a notarized document listing them as the legal guardian.
Veteran or serve actively in the military Student provides official military orders or discharge papers.
Verifiable and documented extenuating financial or personal circumstance. Student provides documentation to support circumstances that precludes them from living successfully with University Housing, Resident Guide.



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